Kaua'i Stories

  • $19.95

Enjoy 50 personal stories told by the people of the islands. Whether through Hula from award-winning hula instructor, or by making salt, the "Hawaiians way". This book helps you discover the aloha spirit. It includes growing up on the island, going to school barefoot and making toys off the land. Hear tales from living in the multi-cultural sugar plantation "camps", the relationship between the locals and the island’s wild chicken population, and get first person accounts of patriotic, Kauaian born, Japanese-American soldiers as they fought in World War II against Japan. Sail with those who sailed thousands of miles, spanning oceans in a canoe; navigating only by astronomy and the ocean's waves,  just as their ancestors did over 1,500 years ago. Feel the love and the ocean spray as Kaua'i residents share stories of surfing, canoe paddling and enjoying secluded sandy beaches.

Enjoy the the warmth, spirit and adventure of Kauai.

Dimensions: 6"x9"