Fish Hook Pendant and Necklace

  • $105.99

Derived from Hawai'is deep rooted connection with the sea, the fish hook represents abundance, prosperity, and strength. They've also come to symbolize good luck when traveling over water.Traditionally the hook was a practical tool, ordained and decorated as a symbol of respect for the sea and its creatures, it was used for fishing.

This fish hook is hand carved from Koa wood. 

Koa (of the Acacia family) is a tree found only in Hawai'i. Originally, Koa was reserved for the Ali'i or royalty. It was used for canoes and war weapons among other things.

The State of Hawai'i wanted the wood to be available for everyone. Thus restrictions were placed on the harvesting of the trees. The tree must naturally fall or the state must come out and pronounce the tree dead before it can be harvested. 

This waxed linen cord necklace its 21 inches long.